On March 6 2019, APBI Learning Center work with the Environmental & Forestry Committee of APBI-ICMA had a workshop related to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The workshop was led by the Forestry and Environmental Committee of the APBI-ICMA by presenting Sigit Reliantoro directly as the Secretary General of Directorate General of Pollution Control & the KLHK environmental damage and also served in the PROPER LH Secretariat as a speaker for this workshop. This was Sigit Reliantoro’s second time in APBI after his first one which was at the event held by the Environmental & Forestry Committee of APBI in discussing the PROPER LH benchmark. 

This workshop was proposed because the LCA is a new thing in the PROPER assessment’s criteria. According to the KLHK (Ministry of Environment and Forestry), the technical competency curriculum of LCA has been studied and developed by the KLHK along with a number of universities, research institutes and scientific profession institutes of LCA including ILCAN in recent years. The results of the study have been followed up by the issuance of regulation of the Director General of Pollution Control and Environmental Damage number: P. 14/PPKL/SET/DIK. 0/9/2018 about the material for PROPER recycling assessment.

Sigit Reliantoro delivers several keynote speeches in this workshop, beginning with a review of the company's performance in PROPER value giving, steps the business actors have to do to get the maximum value for the assessment PROPER, until a brief explanation of the company's achievement of the SDGs and LCA.

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