In order to commemorate and prepare the 30th Anniversary OF APBI-ICMA, occurred a meeting of the PR Committee and External Relation APBI (8 March 2019). This meeting aims to expand several preparation activities for the 30th Anniversary APBI-ICMA event series and re-discuss the fund-raising mechanism for the “APBI Cares” for disasters in Palu, Sigi, and Donggala.

Throughout the meeting, they discussed some important things, which among others are:

  • The event was planned for the CEO Forum 2019 as a continuation of the CEO Forum event that has been held by APBI since 2016 ago. The event that was planned to be done at the end of April 2019 will filled with a discussion panel by displaying several speakers, and as expected, the Chairman will kick off the 30th Anniversary APBI-ICMA whole event series. Other than that, they planned to launch the White Paper 2019. The Executive Director of APBI-ICMA will also launch the Annual report of APBI-ICMA in year 2018. The tagline that will be used for this anniversary event is the “Energy for Nation”.
  • The preparation of White Paper 2019 will be updated and the plan will be compiled by competent team according to the field (related committees) so that it can give a contribution to the government and all other mining stakeholders;
  • The making of APBI Annual Report in 2018 will be made online (digital);
  • The proposal for a special book related to the 30th Anniversary of APBI-ICMA and to take the theme of "Indonesian Coal Industry Dynamics";
  • The plan on making the company profile of APBI in a form of video. This is necessary because to this day, APBI does not have a company’s profile video APBI which representative enough to signifies the Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI). One of the references for the profile video that can be used is the video from the "American Coal Association";
  • In the event of 30th Anniversary APBI-ICMA, there will be held also an APBI-ICMA Golf Tournament; technical and fees will be discussed further;
  • Regarding the distribution plan of the remaining grants to Palu, the participants advise to collect information from some NGOs (Non Government Organization) to obtain any assisted information needed by Palu as a form of assistance of post-earthquake and tsunami. At the moment, APBI is seeking cooperation with Rumah Zakat and Doctor Share in term of the distribution plan of their support.


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