ESDM: Online Systems in Mining Can Boost State Treasury

Jakarta, APBI-ICMA: CNBC Indonesia April 10 2019 reports that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) promotes transparency in natural resource management through the Electronic System of Minerals and Coal Non-Tax Revenue (ePNBP Minerba) and Minerba Online Monitoring System (MOMS).

Deputy Minister of ESDM Arcandra Tahar said transparency in natural resource management (SDA) has become a necessity in the digitalization era. This system is expected to encourage more optimal state revenues. So that it can reach the target of receipt of minerals and coal in 2019 of Rp. 43.2 trillion. But Arcandra estimates that the realization will be greater than Rp 50 trillion.
"The governance of energy and mineral resources mining business always has the principle of openness, accountability, responsibility, and fairness to the extent of the people's prosperity as mandated by Article 33 of the 1945 Constitution," Arcandra said, Wednesday (04/10/2019).

The existence of ePNBP Minerba and MOMS is expected to be used by mineral and coal businesses that have not registered to immediately use the system for payment of PNBP mining and the continuous reporting of coal production and sales.

According to Arcandra, the companies whose licensing authority is in the Central Government have 100% already utilized the MOMS and e-PNBP systems, while those whose authorities are in the Regional Government still have not reached 100% and will continue to be encouraged.

ePNBP Minerba is a system built to monitor and supervise the production and sale of minerals and coal which is integrated with PNBP payment obligations, while MOMS is an application to record, will facilitate supervision by the Central Government and the Provincial Government in controlling and supervising mineral mining activities and coal

"We ask the Regional Government to act decisively for companies that currently do not carry out their obligations to fill MOMs and ePNBP. This firmness needs to be done because this application is very beneficial for the community, especially the Regional Government, which will benefit up to 80%," Arcandra said.

In addition to asking the Regional Government to act decisively, Arcandra also asked mining inspectors in the regions to pro-actively assist the Regional Government in encouraging companies to carry out their obligations.

"I really hope that the Governors and Regents can work together to encourage companies that have not carried out their obligations to fill data in MOMS and ePNBP. I also request that mine inspectors play a more active role in helping," continued Arcandra.

Since it was launched in November 2018, this system has been socialized in three locations by dividing it into three zoning, Western Indonesia in Pekanbaru City, Eastern Indonesia in Makassar City and socialization for the Central Indonesian region in the City of Surabaya, East Java.



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