CAMCF Secretariat Visit to ICMA Office

CAMCF delegation (China ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum) visited the office of APBI-ICMA on Thursday (11/07). There were 15 member delegation comprising Secretary general, Director, and Deputy Director of various Divisions and also Secretariat staff. The main agenda of their trip is to hold the 9th Liaison Officials ' Meeting which takes place the next day. The CAMCF was formed by the Chinese government in which the Secretariat is headquartered in the city of Nanning, Guanxi Zhuang province. This forum was built by the Chinese government as the entrance to trade between Chinese and ASEAN member countries.

The arrival of the delegation of CAMCF secretariat was welcomed by Hendra Sinadia, Executive Director on behalf of the APBI-ICMA secretariat. He expressed his gratitude for the time that CAMCF delegation made to pay a visit to APBI office in the midst of their busy agenda. 

Chairman of the delegation from CAMCF, Lu Jingyu, in return, welcomed the acceptance of the APBI-ICMA. Lu Jingyu explained the intent of their arrival to Indonesia and also introduced the CAMCF delegation and secretariat team. He shared the success stories and achievements that CAMCF had achieved in collaborating with various parties in the ASEAN mining industry. Additionally, Lu also explained that APBI-ICMA has been playing a significant role in creating the success of the CAMCF activities for the last 10 years.

CAMCF also stated future possibilities of fruitful collaboration or cooperation that can be explored in the future including some training programs that are useful for the mining industry in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries.

The evening ended with a souvenir exchange given from each party. APBI-ICMA gives a Batik mask as a symbol of "face" from Indonesia, and in return, CAMCF gives a typical embroidery cloth from residents in Nanning, China. 

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