9th Liaison Officials’ Meeting

The 9th Liaison Officials ' Meeting of CAMCFE (China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum & Exhibition) in Jakarta was held on Friday (12/07) at the Shangri-La Hotel. The delegation of CAMCF is conductiong a meeting as parts of the preparation agenda before the annual CAMCFE which held in Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang province, China. Besides the liaison officials (representative of mining association and mining authority) of the member countries of ASEAN, this meeting also attended by representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia, associations, and institutions in mining field. The representatives present from the association were, among others, IMA (Indonesian Mining Association) and the rest API (Indonesian Mining Experts Association). From the Indonesian government, presented Samsiah Gustina, Deputy Director for Investment and Cooperation Development, Directorate General of Mineral and Coal, replacing Muhammad Wafid, Director for Mineral and Coal Program Development.

The Secretary-General of CAMCF, Lu Jingyu, provided a project report on the CAMCFE event implemented last year in terms of the technical arrangment and involvement of ASEAN-member countries. He also conveyed the progress of the contingement in the implementation of the 7th Training Course of Mining Personnel Exchange & Training Center (CAMPETC) and the introduction of the new mining technology that will be launched at the CAMCFE event this year. Ye Shaobo, the head of Technology and International Cooperation Division, GXDNR also gave an introduction to the CAMCFE event which coincided on the 10th Year Anniversary of CAMCF in November 2019 as well as the upcoming CAMPETC Training Program. The event will be focused on the theme of Green Mining Development.

The meeting was afterwards followed by an open discussion led by Hendra Sinadia, as Moderator. On this occasion, Djoko Widajatno act as the Executive Director of IMA, conveyed its input to the upcoming 8th training program. According to him, it is necessary to involve mining professionals to participate in training programs that have been more for geologists. The proposal was also supported by Secretary General of AFMA from Malaysia, Muhammad Nor. He thought it needs to involve the private sector in the participation of the training. Private involvement will also positively impact the CAMCF in general. This can be possibly done if the participant category is expanded, not only from the government sector only.

This proposal is then responded well and will be considered by CAMCF by adapting the needs and inputs from other ASEAN member countries. In addition, Aye Lwin, the Vice President of MFMA from Myanmar also expressed his opinion and suggestion to publish a title/degree after the training was completed. At this suggestion, given the short time in the implementation of the training, CAMPETC can not give a degree, but can accommodate it with certificates and recommendations to the mining institutions that will surely be given.

Before the event was closed, Lu Jingyu expressed his hopes to establish a communication system between the CAMCF Secretariat and the ASEAN member countries, improve coordination and cooperation, and invite senior officials to attend the 10th CAMCFE. 

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