Halal Bil Halal & Policy Socialization of Bank of Indonesia

APBI fulfills the invitation of Halal Bill Halal (HBH) & policy socialization of Bank of Indonesia (BI) in this case Senior Deputy Governor of BI, Mirza Adityawarman. APBI is one of several associations invited by BI, such as Gapki (oil palm), Food & Beverages Association, Rubber Exporter Association, Combined Importers of Indonesia (GINSI), etc. The intention and main purpose of the event is to establish a relationship between BI leaders with the business professionals and the socialization of the national financial economic situation. In addition, the event is also a socialization of economic policy compiled by the Working Group (POKJA-III) team, which is headed by Mirza Adityawarman which has been told by the president of Indonesia in 16 National Economic Policy Package.

In the exposure presented by Senior Deputy Governor of BI, the world trade and commodity prices are slowing down. National economic growth under predictions resulting from a prolonged weakening of the global economy and had gotten worse by the United States and China's trade war, the two largest economic countries. The Investment Trend also slows down, while export performance of an import is decreasing. Growth delays also occur in spatial areas of the homeland, such as Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi. Payment Balance Indonesia (NPI) is reported surplus, hence, supporting external stability. On the other hand, the transaction deficit is getting bigger. The economy in Indonesia has the opportunity to increase along with the investment of climate improvement in 2019, although Indonesia's ranking in the "ease of doing business" in 2018 decreases.

The challenge ahead for Indonesia is getting heavier, caused by the negative of Indonesia's "current account balance" (1.73) compared to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and even Vietnam whose "current account balance" records the results to be positive. One of the efforts that is being encouraged is to promote the export sector of manufacturing and tourism, namely the goods of manufacturing products and tourism services. On the other hand, downstream is still the challenge of Indonesia's economy. In addition, the problem of wage is still a major obstacle felt by the business world. Nevertheless, Indonesia can take advantage of the opportunities from the trade war for the relocation of Chinese and US investments.

On that occasion, Mirza Adityawarman confirmed the role of Pokja III's strategy in the economic acceleration of Indonesia in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen function and structural reform of Pokja III. The support from business actors is also important to continue giving the best results. At the end of the event, Mirza Adityawarman also gives his farewell because soon he will end his term as Senior Deputy Governor of BI. Destri Damayanti is currently the only candidate submitted by the government to the House of Representatives, through "fit & proper" test process.

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