The month of September is quite an important period and also a historical for Indonesian mining sector. In September is commemorated as the Mining Day which triggered the establishment of the Energy and Mining Ministry. In addition, PERHAPI or Indonesian Mining Professional association celebrating its 30th anniversary in September. On the 20th of September, Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI-ICMA) marks its 31st Anniversary and this year with the theme of 31 years of contributing to the Nation.

                APBI-ICMA founded 31 years ago by several holders of 1st Coal Contract of Work (CcoW) and PT Bukit Asam at the time when only few companies attracted to invest. Coal then was not attractive as compared to mineral where dozens of world class mining companies invested in Indonesia. The situation has greatly changed in particular since the skyrocketing of the Chinese economies. During the period, the World’s second biggest economies swallowed all minerals including coal to cater its 2 digits growth. This triggered the mushrooming of coal miners in the form of mining authorization (KP) or converted as mining business permit (IUP) after the enactment of the Law No. 4 of 2009 on Mineral and Coal Mining.

                Due to the strong commitment and hard work of APBI’s Board since its establishment, the association has been growing and recognized by the government as the sole industry association representing national coal miners. Under the leadership of Pandu Sjahrir the association chairman period of 2018-2021, primary members of APBI (coal producers) have been growing to more than 90 companies CcoW and IUP holders, of which the companies representing roughly of more than 70% of the national coal production. There are hundreds of coal miners, mostly IUPs, that not yet joined APBI, but public and government recognize APBI-ICMA as the sole national coal industry association.

                The role of coal industry is significant not only as the cheapest/most affordable primary energy source for the national energy security, but also to the national and regional economy. APBI’s members contribute majority of the state revenue (royalty and deadrend) of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Members of APBI also play important role in the regional development and in the empowerment and development of local community. As the country is facing the Covid-19 Pandemic, the role of coal industry is quite important to boost the economic development. With the certainty provided under the newly issued mineral and coal law, the contribution of APBI members to the nation will be even more significant. Happy 31st Anniversary APBI-ICMA.



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